You'll need both a PhoneSites and your Zapier account for this.

  1. Log into Zapier

  2. Click "Make A Zap"

  3. For the Trigger App, search for "webhook" and select Webhook by Zapier

  4. Select "Catch" webhook

  5. For the "Set up Webhooks by Zapier Hook", use their default settings. Click Continue

  6. You can click Continue on their next screen too:

  7. They will give you your Webhook URL now, so you can send some test data through:

  8. Now, take that URL (it'll look something like 
    Open up the page you want to sync with, and add that into your Page Settings tab,
    Scroll down to the Advanced section, and paste your URL under "POST Webhook", then save. Example:

  9. Now you'll need to actually send that test data through to Zapier. You do that by just viewing your PhoneSite page live, and filling out the form there.

  10. Once you've done that, go back to Zapier, and click the "Ok, I did this" button, you should see something like this:

  11. You're not done yet, but the PhoneSites set up is finished. The last step is to connect your Action App.
    You're now ready to connect PhoneSites to any one of Zapier's hundreds of options.

Here is a video of going through these steps, and then connecting Aweber as the Action App: