1. Log into your PhoneSites account here

  2. Open the Website you want to add your Custom Domain to

  3. Goto the website's Config tab, then add your domain (that you purchased from somewhere like Godaddy).
    - It can also be a subdomain (like subdomain.example.com)
    - The steps are similar even if you didn’t use Godaddy for domain registration
  4. Update your DNS settings (from where you purchased your domain from).
    Your domain needs just 1 A Record pointing to our server IP address.

Doing the "A Record" DNS update above is where most non-tech people get confused, but it's very easy and only one step in most cases.

If you need help, you can contact your domain registrar if they offer help, and refer them to this help page.

You can also contact PhoneSites Support with questions if you need help.

Additional Resources:

Some common stumbling blocks:

  • A Name records can conflict with eachother, if you have multiple on the same domain (or sub-domain)